Desiree Stark, SPHR

Sonia is a visionary in the field of Talent Development. She has an amazing ability to identify what is needed to move an organization forward. Sonia’s strength is in establishing strategy and communicating it to business partners. She is very focused on client servicing.

Randy Emelo

Sonia is a visionary leader who strives to bring the best out of others. She has demonstrated great commitment to helping everyone in her organization to have democratic access to knowledge. She is a wonderful blend of caring compassion and practical business sense.

Andrew Stevens

Sonia has many high quality attributes however the two that particularly stand out are dealing with ambiguity and leading people. I have observed Sonia on at least three occasions either taking charge of or being given seemingly impossible situations to deal with and turning them into clear, crisp visions with practical steps to bring them …

Shaun Richardson

Bottom line: Amazing manager, enthusiastic, highly creative and a leader by example. Sonia possesses the ability to walk into a complex situation, simplify it and get everyone around her excited about her vision. She is a tremendous leader that has a unique, forward looking view on talent.


Elissa Mahendra

Sonia is the type of leader that is written about in management books, best practice white papers, and demonstrates the competencies we include in management and leadership training. She is a leader that builds loyalty and trust among her teams and is also the type of leader that is able to coach others and provide …

Cathy Cunningham

Sonia has an astute ability to read situations and her audience to identify the best solutions and approach to a given problem or opportunity. She is passionate and innovative but is also practical and open to other perspectives, and she can establish a vision while remaining focused on producing tangible outcomes and results.

Noel Gavin

Sonia is without exception the most dynamic, inspirational leaders I have worked with. Sonia has an amazing ability to very quickly understand a complex and challenging environment or client and drive the strategic and tactical solution. What really sets Sonia apart is her natural leadership. She is the gold standard when it comes to partnering, …